21 Jul The Launch Party Later….with Jamie Beau & Friends


Jamie Beau – Performing – Photo by Fay Martyn

Well What an extraordinary night. Great music played, Great atmosphere a huge torrent of support and a double sing along to “The Mill”. the Launch Party was pieced together to celebrate the release of The Shedding Skin EP. Bringing together friends (old and new) and performers in the spirit of inclusion, support and fun. The purpose was to create a different type of event. “Putting on a standard gig would’ve been the easiest thing in the world but creating something unique, something interesting & something of value is all I really wanted for the evening” – Jamie Beau.

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas – Performing – Photo by Fay Martyn

The evening Saw some truly fantastic and “silly talented” acoustic artists come together to entertain a brilliant, beautiful and responsive crowd, in a rather hot and sweaty venue!!!

Just like that of the TV program “Later…with Jools Holland” I interviewed the artists who performed a couple of songs then cycled through the artists on stage interspaced with interviews. The theme of Later…with Jools Holland transitioned into a live setting very well and it may be something that gets repeated so watch this space.

Every Artists played brilliantly throughout the whole night with a passion that left everyone in the audience inspired. I played a few too throughout the night but the Evening Kicked off with Scott Thomas a percussive, bluesy, gritty acoustic performer who’s song Burning Heat couldn’t have been more apt! we spoke about this recent fundraiser event and plans for an album release later this year……


Brookfield – Performing – Photo by Fay Martyn

Followed by the Delectable glorious Harmonies of Brookfield who mesmerised the audience. These talented guys are currently looking into where best to record their upcoming release in London having spoke to some major studios and starting to raise some serious interest in the capital. We also chatted about our mutual love of John Mayers and his influence. They’re definitely ones to watch out for.

George Simpson - Performing - Photo by Fay Martyn

George Simpson – Performing – Photo by Fay Martyn

The second half saw a change over of artists gracing the stage Namely George Simpson and Eleanor Lee. George’s acoustic version of his song “Never Leave you out in the Rain” in particular captivated everyone and left Jaws dropped to the floor. We spoke about his time at Abbey Road studios getting his 2013 released album Playing for Strangers Mastered and the following success that’s ensued leading into a fourth coming tour of the UK this autumn.

Eleanor Lee

Eleanor Lee – Performing – Photo by Fay Martyn

Finally, Eleanor Lee simply radiated brilliance, Exhibiting her immense Vocals and Piano skills that we’re nothing short of impeccable. In interview we discussed her music, influences and exciting future plans, in particular Eleanor’s song “Keep Calm” was nothing short of Magical, a wonderful piece about the excitement of meeting someone new and trying maintain composure. To hear her work go take a listen here: Eleanor Lee soundcloud

Then finally, as the evening drew to a close, we got to enjoy the sounds of DJ Glenn Higgins spinning the decks, playing an eclectic blend of old and new alternative tunes, Ranging from Bowie to Bloc Party.

Thanks so so much to everyone who came (there were so many of you).

I’d also like to offer my huge thanks to people who helped behind the scenes too. Furthest from the Sea records and Promotions, Haynes Music Production, Fay Martyn (for the photo’s you see in this post), Sarah Grimshaw (who provided the amazing Nibbles!!!) & of course Natalie for her unfaltering support, without you this wouldn’t have happened at all. Cheers guys.

Much Love

Jamie Beau

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