11 Sep My Kickstarter launch for the album. Your Support is needed.


Over the last 20 months I’ve been working tirelessly, writing and recording my debut album, an album that I’m so proud of. It is recorded and sounding beautiful, but unfortunately, I’ve just ran out of the required funds to actually get it released properly. As an independent artist, this is a common problem…

So I’m trying to raise the funds to get my album released properly, and that unfortunately is beyond my reach. I’d be so gutted to have got so close without reaching the end.

So, I’ve set up this Kickstarter campaign to ask if you’d be able to help? Would you be a backer for this project?

If you’d like a look at some of the awesome rewards you can get, just take a look at the Campaign Page HERE

The full album title is “Tales of the Earth, Tales of the Sea, Tales of the Cruel, the Lover & the Hateful in me”. Why not check out the campaign page to hear a preview of the album in 1 minute:


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